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IP Transfer between Appsomniacs & Miniclip:

What happened to Mini Militia? 

What changed? 

What is Mini Militia Classic? How is it different?

What are the differences between the apps?

What is the plan for Mini Militia Classic going forward?

How do I sign up to Alpha/Beta test?


Alpha & Beta Development Roadmap

The investment we are making in the deep changes to Mini Militia Classic’s app architecture means we will finally be able to make amazing new content for our players to enjoy. This is also a tremendous amount of work and there are only two of us. Everytime we think we can plan actual dates around when the code will get written some unforeseen problem grinds the whole process to a halt. Instead of listing a bunch of meaningless dates (because we won’t meet them) we have laid out a road map of our work ahead.

The code changes will impact areas of the app infrastructure such as the clients, servers, security, hacking and backend code. Users will also notice changes to scoring,leaderboards, stats, rank system and monetization.

We are currently planning on Alpha having three phases with code releases divided up to test major function changes as we get them done. When Alpha feels fairly stable we will transition to Beta and continue adding tweaks and balancing to the new features of Mini Militia Classic before the app can be released to the public. Plans for Beta are far more speculative at this point and will be clarified by Alpha Phase 3.

Latest roadmap files can be found on this Google shared folder.

Current Mini Militia Classic (MMC) [Formal|Informal] Release Notes:

Alpha Force Google Group Posting (Includes joining instructions **while the closed alpha/beta test is opened up wide for any and all who can read instructions. iOS seats were pretty used up though and going fast...)

BETA CANDIDATE v0.11.1 the "Even beta candidates need fixes" release [4/26/2023]

BETA CANDIDATE "v0.11.0 'The first BETA RELEASE CANDIDATE' release [4/15/2023]
The first beta release candidate(s) still need to be Alpha Force tested...

ALPHA 0.10.9 the "QOL Unification of disparate versions, i.e., Achieve Feature Parity in a single release..." release [4/10/2023]
This is the merging and accumulation of the disparate v0.10.7 (ios only) and v0.10.8 (android only) releases, bug fixes we had ready to go that don't need a new version, plus a few QOL tweaks.
And we snuck in some RG6 improvements... but they were long needed ones...
[HYPE] There is a **greater than zero** chance this is the LAST Alpha build.

ALPHA v0.10.8" (Android Only; see v0.10.9 notes)

ALPHA v0.10.7" (iOS Only; see v0.10.9 notes)

ALPHA v0.10.6 the "Not so zero day (zero+3 fix the fixes) day patch" release [02/13/2023]

ALPHA v0.10.5 the "Wall of Text" release [2/10/2023]

We've been trying to get this out for many weeks now...
As you can see in these notes this launch is very much a signifigant accumulation of small and large changes...]
Don't ask what happened to v0.10.0, v..1, v..2, v..3, and v..4 They are dead. ⚰
They died at birth, or shortly after launch, shot down by our crack Canary Force. Their spirit it alive** in v0.10.5+!
**The old versions are what 'deaded' the canaries we're recessated as per normal. Well... We only lost one.
They suffer first so you get to suffer less.

ALPHA v0.9.5 the "finally a patch that works" release [12/21/2022]

ALPHA v0.9.4 the "Lots of tweaks slipping into this one" release [12/20/2022]

ALPHA v0.9.3 the 'Patch #1 release [12/10/2022]

ALPHA v0.9.2 the "The 'OMG 😱 Finally' release [11/29/2022]

ALPHA v0.8.3 the "more fixes for v0.8.x release issues" release [4/14/2022]

ALPHA v0.8.2 a "hot fixes for the v0.8.0" release (v0.8.1 died at birth) [4/10/2022]

ALPHA v0.8.0 the "customizable rank play with tokens and a new ad system" release (Yes its still alpha... we still have missing systems to replace.) [4/7/2022]

ALPHA v0.7.3 the "shield fix and scope view change animation speed setting" release (still alpha! but closer to beta than last release...) [2/26/2022]

ALPHA v0.7.2 the "Monetized Loadouts and other QOL stuff" release (still alpha! but closer to beta than last release...) [2/23/2022]

ALPHA v0.7.0 the "Damage Adjustments and Avatar Unlock System" release [2/7/2022]

ALPHA v0.6.3 the "Quick Play battle coin kerfuffle" release [1/7/2022]

**(We can't repro this in dev so we're guessing so let us know if happens to you again)

ALPHA v0.6.2 "The Glitches gets stitches release" [12/30/2021]

v0.6.1 "The Merry Glitchmas release" [12/24/2021]

ALPHA v0.5.2 "Alpha Phase 3+ Day 1 patch+" [10/14/2021]

ALPHA v0.5.1 "Alpha Phase 3+ Begins!" [10/13/2021]

ALPHA v0.4.2 "Mostly fixes for the last fixes..." [9/19/2021]

ALPHA v0.4.1 "Don't ask about what happened to v0.4.0..." [8/30/2021]

ALPHA v0.3.1 "Fixes for the v0.3.0 fixes" (Android Only) [8/9/2021]

ALPHA v0.3.0 "The 'not so tiny' between part A & B Loadouts update" [8/9/2021]

ALPHA v0.2.1 "Fixes for the fixes" [7/??/2021]

ALPHA v0.2.0 is rolling out (Google Play and Apple App Store to follow asap) Alpha Phase 2.75: Loadouts Part A [7/27/2021]

ALPHA v0.1.7 is rolling out (Google Play and Apple App Store Simultaneous Release) Phase 2.5: Profile Testable WIP

ALPHA v0.1.5 (hotfix for v0.1.4 (hot fix for v0.1.3)  Welcome to Alpha Phase 2 testing!

v0.1.2 - Stable phase 1 code released… finally  (Coming Someday* (™))

v0.1.1 - (Coming Someday* (™))

v0.1.0 -  Alpha Phase 1  (Coming Someday* (™))

v0.0.3 - … (Coming Someday* (™))

v0.0.2 - … (Coming Someday* (™))

v0.0.1 -  Alpha Phase 0 begins  (Coming Someday* (™))

Someday* Ask if you want to see this, otherwise we are good just leaving it here for an intern to update... someday...)

IP Transfer between Appsomniacs & Miniclip

Q: What happened to Mini Militia?

A: Back in April 2018, Mini Militia was bringing in 3.5 million players a day. For just two developers, that was pretty overwhelming. We reached out to offers to help out and Miniclip came in. For the next 2.5 years, our role reduced to essentially being consultants and Miniclip took over as day to day and strategic managers of the Doodle Army franchise and all titles associated with it. The great experiment had begun.

Q: What changed?

A: In Oct 2020, Miniclip decided the franchise as a whole was not something they wanted to continue working with so the rights flipped back to Appsomniacs in a contract renegotiation. Fear not! Miniclip will keep the version 5 (v5) app up and running as long as it stays viable, and they have been adding content as they see fit, and the app is still there, and we hope the market supports them for years to come. But that decision is truly out of our hands. The Mini Militia trademarks have returned and have been fully licenced back to Appsomniacs and going forward is now back in our control, including full control of the Doodle Army franchise once again.

Q: What is Mini Militia Classic? How is it different?

A: Appsomniacs first step is to take a step back, assess, and then go forward in a slightly different direction to develop Mini Militia Classic: Doodle Army 2. For example: we are returning to when Mini Militia had offline capability, was friendly to the eSports community, and had more of the customizable experience before the Miniclip v5 version was developed. Players will notice scores are gone. We are contractually and not allowed to take that old data into the new app. BUT hear us out, a new score system will come back as something more interesting and valuable to build up upon. Leaderboards will no longer be through Google Play or Game Center nor easily hackable. We have dusted off our old road maps and are looking to the future. The initial release has already brought back a bunch of the old features from the past like custom servers, capture the flag, and offline WiFi. We aren’t stopping there.

As aforementioned, Miniclip has their version of the app in the stores (known as Mini Militia - Doodle Army 2) that they are continuing to develop and maintain. All the user data associated with the Miniclip version is being 100% managed by Miniclip and is not something Appsomniacs has access to. Apple/Google doesn't allow cross data sharing between apps published by different companies. We will not have access to any of the old scores and purchases.

We are also not allowed to directly use Miniclip assets. It's part of our agreement. We don’t mind if they take our ideas and adapt them into their version (can we stop them?) Appsomniacs will still profit off their success and it fuels the development of our future titles like Mini Militia Classic: Doodle Army 2, Doodle Army 3, etc. For those of you who like the Miniclip managed game, by all means keep playing the version you love, or both! Your patronage there is funding this venture, so please play them both. We don’t mind!

Q: What are the differences between the apps? (As of June 2021; If this needs updating let us know.)

App Features

Appsomniacs (v1)

Mini Militia Classic: Doodle Army 2

(link store?)

Miniclip (as of v5)

Mini Militia - Doodle Army 2

(link to store?)

Managed by Appsomniacs in any way



Offline WiFi Play



Custom Servers


Sort of

Capture the Flag (game mode)



Loot Crates



Ad monetized



In App Purchases



Has multiple in game currencies



Does what Chad and Hunter say to do?



Retains all the data (scores) from the original Mini Militia game



Has Pro Pack that can be purchased



Has the content Mini Clip added after April 2018



Has plans to make it easier to add new game modes



Has plans to come down harder on cheating



Are the old earned battle points transferable


One time

Uses facebook login



Has internal friend messaging



Relies on 3rd party social sites for friend management.



At all levels of the business is made up of game developers that actually play their own games?



The current owners of the Doodle Army and Mini Militia Trademarks, and the IP owners of the Doodle Army franchise.



*Pretty sure we never will, but never say never…

Q: What is the plan for Mini Militia Classic going forward?

A: It takes time to get a new app out the door and the scope of changes we have planned is no exception. Mini Militia Classic is going to go through a long series of releases within the Alpha (really janky) and Beta (less janky) phases before there will be a public release. The entire game is being modernized from the server architecture to game play. One of our take-aways from working with Miniclip is with only two developers we can’t reach that far with new content while also supporting the game so our approach is to create more tools that let people create their own content. Back in 2018, that was something we saw a lot of with offline play. There were no limits to what you could do and we really liked that.

Some of the first changes you will see is that the store will be absorbed by a loadout system to choose what items you will bring into the game with you. The options will offer players choices, with some limitations, and a chance to develop strategies around that gear/card choice.

We will still keep the app ‘Tiled’ available for people to make maps with. The other configuration portions of it, things like where are the CTF or general Deathmatch spawn points, what weapons spawn and where, will need to be adjusted for people to set up highly customized games. The end goal is to eventually not require a mod client to have a unique map that is fun to share with people and everyone’s clients can ingest that modified game data on the fly. These are huge challenges and risks to security that have to be overcome and will take some time to develop.

By the end of Beta, there should be a much more highly customizable system. We want Mini Militia Classic to support game modes beyond just CTF. In the future, going into Custom should give you the option of joining a Deathmatch, CTF, Payload, Mini Royal or any other fun creation. The investment we are making in deep changes to Mini Militia Classic’s app architecture means we will finally be able to try out more ideas faster and adopt popularized game modes.